What does Y'Herd Me Property Maintenance do?

We will deliver and care for a small herd of goats to clear unwanted vegetation from your overgrown property. Animals will be restricted to fenced target area(s) to clear vines and brush daily. At night animals are housed onsite in a mobile goat unit (aka - a trailer barn). Daily care includes watering and feeding the goats, herding in and out of barn, cleaning barn, checking fence lines and the health of the animals.

Please get in touch for more information. We will need to do a site visit or interview before quoting a rate. Thanks

​​How Y'Herd Me? Got Started

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Hi my name is Morgana King, and I have had a goat for ten years.  In that time I’ve never had to mow my yard, there is no cats claw taking over my house or fence, and I’ve enjoyed having the cutest pet around! I’m starting a project to get goats eating unwanted vegetation around New Orleans – Y’Herd Me?!

People have shared goat stories with me and news articles about how goats are being used around the country to eat up over-vegetated areas. Companies like Google, Amazon, Chicago O’Hare, Washington, DC Congressional Cemetery and more use goats to maintain the property surrounding their campuses.

Last year, I developed a business plan through Propellor’s Pitch NOLA: Lots of Progress program. The idea of starting a goat business has been ruminating (!) in the back of my mind since I got Chauncey. The Pitch NOLA deadline really got me to sit down and do the research I needed to do. Now I have the business plan, budget, mentors, and resources in place to take this project to reality.

I did not win the pitch contest – boohoo – I was disappointed but not deterred. And word spread that I am the goat to lady in town! I started getting calls from schools and people interested in working with me and the goats. So I started re-imagining how I could start the project and I created Y’Herd Me? LLC!

I developed a pilot project with the City of New Orleans’ Department of Parks and Parkways to initiate a goat maintenance program for Brechtel Park. The proposal was accepted and the goats are scheduled to begin work in 2014!

What is needed now: To be ready to deliver the goats to the park in 2014, I need to build the infrastructure to care for the goats. My agreement with Parks and Parkways will cover the operational costs but not the start up expenses. With your help to invest in the start-up costs, I will be able to initiate this innovative program for New Orleans. Once funded, I will use the money to build out a trailer into a functional mobile goat unit. Money will also go towards buying more goats and fencing. Once established there are little overhead costs besides the time it will take to take care of them.

Volunteer caretakers will always be welcome!

Dreams and goals: The pilot project is the just the beginning of what I want to build into a functioning lot maintenance business and community learning program. I see the pilot project as a chance to get my hoof in the door to develop Y’Herd Me? into an  ommunity attraction for school field trips, partnerships, and expanding business opportunities. The project is also intended as an evolving public art piece performed through the act of shepherding livestock through urban blight. I hope to create a discussion around the project involving invasive vs. natural species, animal vs. machine, care vs. neglect.

Longterm: I want to see Brechtel Park have a full stable and activities for the whole family. The golf course property could become riding trail through an educational native Louisiana landscape.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about my project and please get in touch with me if you have any questions: yherdme@gmail.com


I really can’t wait to see this dream come true.

Sincerely, Morgana King

Me and Chauncey Gardener :)


$10 Apple

A handmade Y'Herd Me? ceramic ornament/keepsake.

$25 Saltblock

Super cool Y'Herd Me? T-Shirt

$50 Feedbag

T-Shirt, Ornament, and a "Share of a Goat". You will get a special card to let your loved ones know that you sponsored a goat in their honor.

$200 Nanny momma

Adopt a goat! Naming rights, photo of or with your goat, plus all of the previous rewards.

$500 Herd Dog

Goat service for property of your choice for a week.

$1,000 Shepherd

Really? Thanks! You really love goats and me! I'll call you all the time and never forget to send you a birthday card. Let's talk about sponsoring a school field trip or special event of your choice.